Reviews of our Fifth Release  "RACKET SCIENCE"

All About Jazz - quick picks

The trio’s latest record date proves that no other band can so distinctly meld psychedelics, roots music and pop innocence with intricate progressive rock arrangements. It all makes uncanny sense!

Sonic Curiosity

Simplicity is not an issue with this music, despite the strict three-piece nature of the ensemble. Riffs are complex, and the instruments go out of their way to intertwine with each other, creating a lush tapestry of vigorous tuneage. (full article)


Kevin Gerety, and guitarist Charles O’Meara and drummer John Roulat know how to lock in tight as lockjaw. Upon this bedrock they build a twisty palace of mischievous melodies and manic musicianship. (full article)


We've got everything from Zappa, to avant-prog la Henry Cow, 60's beach party film soundtrack moods, ambient jazz, Blues, and a bit of psychedelia. But nothing about Forever Einstein really sounds like any of these. They just excel at synthesizing various styles and influences into something very much their own. They're far from mainstream, but not too out there. Just really enjoyable well played instrumental avant-rock.

Forever Einstein also have some of wildest track titles I've ever seen, though they're so damn long I'll have to be forgiven for not referring to specific ones. But suffice it to say that with titles like "It's a good thing I don't have super brain powers or you'd be in a thousand little pieces right now" that this is a band that plays really cool rock music while probably not taking themselves too awful seriously. Racket Science is the bands fifth album for Cuneiform but the first I've heard. I'll be interested in checking out their earlier releases.

Progressive Ears

Racket Science has a nice mix of short (1:36) and long (8:06) songs with plenty of musical variety to sink your ears into, some of it light and airy and some of it a little more intense. Plus it’s never boring or same-y because in every song you can expect two or three musical shifts in time and tempo. Older fans will definitely enjoy Racket Science and this is probably the best place for new fans to start as the material is slightly more accessible and will be an excellent introduction to their earlier releases. Kudos to Forever Einstein for crafting such a unique musical style and sticking with it. Great job.  (full article)

Dutch Progressive Rock Page

You may love or you may hate this album, but no one sounds like Forever Einstein, making this album very, very original and therefore probably real food for die-hard proggies; at least if you like instrumental prog rock music. (full article - Thanks Bob and Martien)


Previous Reviews and News


All About Jazz - Glenn Astarita
Highlights abound, via various investigative interludes, abrupt alterations of the flow, Vrtacek’s crunching chord progressions and Vees’ abstract EFX-induced bass soloing, along with the spotty implementations of polychromatic counter-currents. To that end, Down With Gravity is a must have for the ardent fans of progressive rock or perhaps any rock related genre, as this gang pronounces a distinct style and methodology that is perhaps unparalleled in the business! Strongly recommended. 


Relix magazine
"Forever Eintsein is a guitar/bass/drums trio that plays eccentric, highly original instrumental music that is stimulating, musically challenging and yet remarkalby accessible. On its latest album, One Thing After Another (Cuneiform) the group shows that music can be complex, category-defining and far reaching and have innate melodic content. Despite the complexities of the music, the trio has a remarkably clean and uncluttered sound...Musically, the band relies heavily on textures, moods and odd time changes... All in all a thoroughly inventive album." 

Rolling Stone, December, 1990 by David Fricke

"This brainy instrumental trio plays it smart-with-heart on pointillist two and three minute torpedoes crammed with spiky Euro-rock melodies, bouncy echoes of Afro-beat guitar and punky rhythmic spirit. Imagine the Minutemen playing Henry Cow charts."


Chris Cutler, Recommended Records Catalog
"Beefheart meets soundtrack meets TV theme maestros."


Jon Scot, Drummer Dude
"This trio supplements their rock 'n roll drive and aggression with adventurous compositional techniques, certainly more than most rock music ever gets treated to. The end result is intelligently produced, energized rock music that you can both feel and ponder...a seemingly inexhaustible flow of unpredictable concepts and irregular design highlighted by their own peculiar and catchy melodies...a real joy to listen to. Check it out." 

Michael Draine, Damp #6
"Precision, speed and a charmingly light touch. Vrtacek's style is clearly modeled after Fred Frith's but with a more meticulous approach to composition and technique and a predilection for smoother timbres. Most tracks consist of playful, mildly skewed variations on European folk melodies counterpointed by lively, active percussion."


Matt Howarth, Reflex vol.2, #4
"The instruments interplay in a robust manner: steadily intricate guitar strains, durable bass groundwork and complex drumming. The music does not grab you overtly; you find your body following its lead before you brain notices it has fallen victim to Forever Einstein's appealing brand of music.Breaks new sonic ground with each song."

Boston Rock, September, 1990

"Intelligent and witty instrumental trio material ranging from deceptively simple airy themes with polytonal adjuncts to good-natured parodies of power ;trio convention. There are a lot of ideas and techniques that never occur to most guitar trios."

Opposition (Czech Republic), 1990

"When we add up their emphasis on rhythm, great drive and palpable joy of playing we have here a very listenable band with its feet in jazz and its head in rock."

Pierro Scaruffi 
"Among the neo-progressive instrumental groups, Forever Einstein occupies a place that stands out in relief and theirs are certainly among the most original discs of recent times."

Dean Suzuki, Option #46
"This very smart trio cranks out some mighty fine music.  The sense of ensemble, the communication that goes on between the three musicians, is tremendous."


Phil Kime, Gibraltar Webzine
This is Charles Vrtacek's trio which plays very friendly, intelligent and complex hybrid instrumentals. After a few listens to this I became well and truly converted. This is a really lovely album full of humor, effortless technique and great tunes. Forever Einstein somehow sound very European in their choice of harmony and coupled with a developed sense of proportion - that is, they know when to stop a piece before if waffles - we have a well-balanced outfit. A release that I feel fills a very important slot and which revitalizes even me in my musically jaded state. Very, very recommended.

Ferdinand Richard, program notes from the 5th Annual MIMI Festival, France
"What energy!, what obvious talent, what freshness of vision. Forever Einstein combines the sensual swinging rhythms of America and some audacious twist of melody in the style of Frank Zappa"


Boston Rock, #125, 1992 by Michael Bloom
"A concentration of ideas is employed to compress theme, counter theme, development and recapitulation into intelligent and boisterous but tidy packages."